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Mold Remediation

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Trust TRT Abatement, LLC. to contain and remove toxic mold from your commercial building or your home. 

Mold is naturally occurring in the environment and outdoors it plays a key role in nature and is harmless. It’s when mold grows indoors that it can be dangerous and a health hazard. Mold are tiny spores invisible to the naked eye that float in outdoor and indoor air. Mold begins to grow and multiply when they settle on a wet or damp surface and that is when the problems begin.

Mold growth has the potential to cause health problems, and can potentially produce toxic substances which can cause:


Runny Nose

Red Eyes

Skin Rashes

Asthma Attacks

Irritation to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs

Allergic Reactions

We use a multi-step process to ensure that all mold is removed. The steps to remediation include:

Inspection and Assessment

We carefully inspect your business and assess the extent of the issue using various methods.


We use various procedures to contain the mold.

Air Filtration

We filter the air to capture the microscopic mold spores using specialized equipment such as HEPA vacuums

Mold Removal

We remove the mold from any and all surfaces including walls, beams, insulation, ceilings, etc… We treat the surfaces to eliminate where mold collects and dispose of mold-infested materials such as carpet and drywall.


We sanitize your remaining fixtures and remove any chemical odors or residue.


We replace and repair any damaged surfaces such as drywall, carpeting, paint, etc…

 We provide asbestos abatement services for many commercial properties and businesses such as:


Maintenance Firms





Why choose us?

More than 20 years on the renovation industry, saw the need to provide abatement and demolition services for the commercial, industrial, and residential industry so in 2015 started an adventure to provide this service to Texas. We offer our clients:

Competitive Pricing

Quick Turn-Around

Reliable and Consistent Service



Outstanding Customer Service

State of the art equipment that allows us to offer speed of service

Dedication – We go the extra mile to service each client

OSHA Trained

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